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About Space InSight

Growth is one of the important components of our studio. The growth of our team, the growth of our skills and the growth of your business. Devotion to work is an important factor for which we select our professionals. We care about your goals, which is why we provide an individual approach to each of you. Choosing our studio, you will provide yourself with a comfortable workflow, positive emotions and the most necessary, the required result!

Nektar Minasyan

Project Manager

Karen Minasyan

Web Developer

Marine Ananyan

CG artist & Illustrator

Nelly Sahakyan

Graphic designer & Illustrator

Hayk Baboyan

Video editing & animation

Ani Yepremyan

Motion designer

Vahe Kamalyan

3D artist

Avik Yepremyan

Founder & CEO, Motion designer

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